How can Chiropractic help with weight loss?

We are a chiropractic practice with a focus on overall wellness. To achieve this we consider joint health, organ health, nutrition and how we can increase your longevity and mobility. Through precise chiropractic adjustments of the spine and extremities, together with our therapeutic services, we can treat many ailments that you might not realize are associated with chiropractic care, ie: high and low blood pressure, tinnitus, carpal tunnel, foot pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain, stress, depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, diabetes, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, auto immune disorders, and even weight loss.

Stress, mental and physical stress, can be the number one culprit for many issues in our bodies. It can cause unneccessary pain in our joints that determines our lifestyle and the things we can or cannot do. It can cause us to retain or gain weight, make us fatigued, hungry, lethargic, anxious, depressed. Did you know that chiropractic adjustments and massage can reduce or cure these symptoms? We can help by designing a program or plan that will change your lifestyle and your life so that you will become healthier and remain healthier for your lifetime.

Get to the root of your issues and a lot can change. Dr. Collin Struble is certified in the Blair Upper Cervical method of adjustments which focuses on the top two vertebrae, the atlas and the axis. This is where our spinal column begins and the pathway for the spinal cord, the most important intersection for our nervous system. Proper nerve flow is the key and it only takes a small misalignment of those vertebrae and the body reacts. Weight gain can be attributed to so many core issues in the body, but we suggest you start with proper nerve flow.

The different systems in the body are all regulated by one central control...the brain. The brain sends information that the body needs through the spinal cord's many nerves to all of our body parts, skin, muscles, joints, stomach, gall bladder, bones and others. The same nerves that transmit information from the brain to the body, also carry information from the body to the brain. If there is a restriction in the messages coming to and from the brain, we can experience symptoms of all kinds. Chiropractic care should be your first option when it comes to the health of your body.

On your road to health, we feel that supplementing your nutrition is important. Our busy lives can dictate the types of food we eat and the true nutritional value our body gets. For this, we offer natural supplements through Solutions4.

The Solutions4 line provides some of the highest quality nutritional supplements available on the market. Unlike other supplements available in the United States, Solutions4 blends are manufactured without any harmful additives or fillers that reduce the potency of a product. Each product meets standards of quality control that far exceed anything else found in the United States. The products are designed as synergistic blends of several complementary herbs, rather than single-herb supplements. The combined ingredients support each other, making the product more potent and effective. 
There are supplements that are specific to general health, skin health, organ health, and a particular line that aids in weight loss.

WBV machines are also available to our patients. WBV improves circulation and blood flow, reduces body stiffness, improves cellulite reduction, strengthens collagen, stimulates metabolism and lymph drainage, is effective at body fat combustion and stimulates your muscles. WBV sessions are also effective at restoring feeling to areas of numbness caused by neuropathy. It's excellent for people who don’t like exercising – it increases muscle strength, and it’s easy to use! You don’t even have to put on workout clothes.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you have any acute or chronic ailments of any kind, or any health questions that you haven't been able to get answered. We want to help your body do what it's designed to do...heal itself.

You can feel better and be healed naturally, without drugs, surgery or expensive programs.


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