Department Of Transportation, DOT Exams

Do You Need A Department Of Transportation Physical?

Licensed Medical Exams For CDL Drivers
Dr. Collin will check the following:

Vision, hearing, blood pressure, and a uranalysis.

Call now to schedule your appointment 208-376-4940

Dr. Collin is medical examiner that is dedicated to helping you. Same day appointments are routine. Exams start at just $79.99.

Once you pass your exam, you will receive a signed copy.

Dr. Collin will guide you through the medical standards. We want to help you maintain your medical certification.

Our office is conveniently located in Boise Idaho. We are located on the northwest corner of Maple Grove and Fairview.
What is a DOT exam? DOT stands for department of transportation.

If your employer requires this test, call now to schedule. This test is to find out if you qualify to drive a commercial vehicle in the state of Idaho. After you pass, you will receive a copy. Our staff will also complete a medical examination report for you.

This is what you should expect during your examination:

1. Forms: You will be greeted by our friendly office staff and given the medical examination form. (supplied by us)

2. General Information: Our form has a list of general information questions about you.

3. Health History: you will be asked a series of questions about your past medical history.

4. Examination Procedure: Dr. Collin will check your:
  • VISION Check: Dr. Collin will provide your vision check with your exam. You need to be able to see traffic signals.

  • HEARING Check: Dr. Collin must be able to see your ear drum. Please clean your ears before your visit.

  • BLOOD PRESSURE Check: Your blood pressure must meet state guidelines.

  • URINE: You will be asked to pee in a cup, so make sure you drink plenty of water prior to your exam.
The exam should take about 25 minutes. Dr. Collin will perform the tests based on state guidelines.

Dr. Collin is a certified medical examiner.


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