Custom Foot Orthotics Boise Idaho

Custom Foot Orthotics Boise Idaho


 custom flip flops

The Wellness Center of Boise is your source for foot orthotics.  In fact, Dr. Collin Struble DC CME feels that your foundation (your feet) is one of first areas to evaluate during his chiropractic consultation.  Foot dysfunction is often one of the main contributors to back, knee, ankle and foot pain. 

The Solution is Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotic Inserts and Footwear!

Foot Levelers is an affordable custom-made product that can provide the support and relief your feet and body need.  Whether it’s an insole that is needed to solve the problem, or a custom shoe, sandal or flip flop, Foot Levelers has the answer. Don't be fooled or discouraged by the cost of other popular orthotics options. 

If the pain you feel in your feet is debilitating or prevents you from living life to its fullest, you've come to the right place.  Find relief from some of the most common foot conditions. These conditions can come from being on your feet for short or long periods of time without proper support. The solution is simple and affordable at The Wellness Center of Boise.

Find immediate relief from:

       -flat feet
       -plantar fasciitis (inflammation)  
       -metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of your feet)
       -chronic ankle instability 
       -general foot and body aches and pains 

Foot Levelers provides a high quality, results-oriented product, at a cost that will give you a skip in your step. Prices start at only $198.  And you can take advantage of our TAKE2 Special, buy one at regular price and get another pair of equal value for only $99.

Foot Levelers orthotic inserts, insoles, and footwear can get you back on your feet again! 

Contact us to schedule your FREE Orthotics Consultation and Infrared Foot Scan! 


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