What can I expect at my new patient visit?


Your First Visit to our Clinic:

We are excited to meet you and want you to feel welcome and at ease when you enter our chiropractic wellness clinic! 

As Chiropractic Physicians, our Doctors utilize this intitial visit to thoroughly understand and identify the causes of your pain.  Your first visit will be primarily focused on gathering information about you and will take about 45 minutes.  

What you'll need to bring to your first visit:

1. Legal form of identification ie: driver's license.
2. Your health insurance card.
3. Personal injury claim information for auto accident related injuries.

A little bit of Paperwork:
We hope you'll feel comfortable in our waiting area as you fill out the required paperwork. If you prefer, you can save time by downloading your paperwork prior to your visit and bringing it with you. Once you've completed your check in process, we'll get you started on the first step of your chiropractic analysis with an infrared foot scan.  

Click Here For Paperwork

Your Initial Consultation:
Next will be your Consultation with Dr. Collin Struble DC CME or Dr. Brandon Riebling DC to review your area(s) of pain, discomfort or concern, any past treatments for this condition, as well as any other concerns you may have. 

Orthopedic and Neurologic Examination:
A thorough examination will help identify the cause of your problem. In this exam your Chiropractor and his Chiropractic Assistant will look for problems with ranges of motion as well as perform orthopedic and neurologic exams to help determine the cause of your pain.  

Spinal X-rays:
If you have recently had x-rays of your neck or back, please bring along a disc of the images, however keep in mind that a thorough chiropractic analysis often requires a more specific set of x-rays. Our Chiropractors will want to see comprehensive views to accurately diagnose your issues and treat you safely, so it is likely that they will need to take a few more images for their review and analysis.

Will I get an adjustment on my first visit?
Depending on your symptoms and your Chiropractor's initial analysis, they will want to perform your first adjustment right away to help relieve your pain.  They will then have you schedule a follow-up or second appointment to share with you a detailed Report of their Findings.

Your Follow-up Visit:
Our receptionist will help you schedule your second, most important follow up visit with your Chiropractor.  Many of our patients opt to schedule out a series of visits according to the Doctor's recommendations, to maximize the beneficial affects of their treatment and to best accomodate everyone's busy schedules. As you leave our office, we hope that you will feel comforted knowing that you have taken the first steps to relieving your pain and becoming a healthier you!

Your Next Visit (Report of Findings):

Welcome Back!
We hope that you will walk away from this second visit with an indepth understanding of what is causing your pain and how we can help you get relief, restore your movement and get your body back to optimal health.


Why the Two-Visit Approach?
We've designed this approach to accomplish several things. Most importantly, we want to allow your Chiropractor adequate time to review your exam and x-ray results so that he can make informed recommendations and develop a plan to get you feeling better.  This appointment sets aside approximately 45-60 minutes for you and the Doctor to focus on you, allow time for you to process the information, and give you an opportunity to ask all the questions that might come up. 

Not your typical Doctor's visit:
Do you ever feel like a number when you go to an appointment with other physicians? At The Wellness Center of Boise, you will find that this is not your typical visit to the doctor. Our Chiropractors are eager to spend time with you, sharing the important details of what they've discovered about you, knowledge of the human body that relates to why you may be feeling the way you do, your skeletal and neurological system and then how our unique chiropractic techniques and plan of care can get you out of pain. 

Your Report of Findings:

We call this appointment "Your Report of Findings"  because it is unique to YOU.  No other person has your exact blueprint and our Chiropractor's have a specific plan for you.  You don't have to be in pain anymore. We have a proven method utilizing light force, very specific chiropractic techniques that will make you feel new again.


Now let's get you out of pain!

After this visit, your appointments will be much shorter in duration.  Regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments are thorough and specific, but will only take about 10-15 minutes each time.  

You now have hope and a plan.  The most important thing you can do is follow this plan and your Chiropractor's recommendations.  If you commit to getting your life back, commit to getting out of pain and staying out of pain, your Chiropractor and his team at The Wellness Center of Boise will help you every step of the way.  




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