Experience a Pain-Free Life in Boise, Idaho (ID)

The Wellness Center of Boise offers premier chiropractic services at our local Wellness Center serving patients from Boise, ID, and surrounding areas in the Treasure Valley. 

Dr. Collin Struble DC CME is a highly experienced and licensed Chiropractic Physician who is passionate about improving your quality of life.  Pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility can impact you both mentally and physically, and keep you from living the life you deserve and doing the things you love to do.

Utilizing two primary scientific approaches to chiropractic care is the key to Dr. Struble's success in helping you get the pain relief you've been longing for. He specializes in a unique, very effective method of analysis and adjustment called the Blair Upper Cervical Technique. In addition, his patients enjoy the gentle, effective Thompson Drop Method of adjustment. These unique techniques allow him to pinpoint the exact vertebrae that is causing your discomfort and effectively address your pain and dysfunction at the source. 

Dr. Struble only utilizes the best chiropractic equipment available to optimize your treatment session. Our Wellness Center has HI-LO drop tables which are preferred for LOW FORCE adjustments. For optimal results from your chiropractic care, he utilizes resting tables, icing and stabilization tables, traction massage tables, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound, massage and rossiter treatment rooms to ensure the best healing results.

Our Chiropractic Services Include:

Complete Care To Improve Your Health:

At The Wellness Center of Boise, Dr. Collin Struble DC CME offers complete chiropractic care that is personalized for each of his patients. Whether you have been suffering from chronic back pain and neck pain, or need to consult with a chiropractic specialist for an auto accident, we offer the trusted care you deserve. Let our Wellness Center be your first choice for chiropractic services, massage therapy, custom-made foot orthotics, DOT physicals, and sports physical services.

How to schedule an appointment:

Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling (208)376-4940. We truly look forward to providing you with comprehensive chiropractic care and massage therapy services.


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