THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS on the TODAY show reports that by the year 2050, over 800,000 Americans will live to the age of 100 and many to 150! The chances are HUGE that you will live this long. With the types of cures and healthcare that we have in place today, we are healthier, but we need to add mobility to our priority list.

How important will your mobility be at 100 years old? If you let nature take its course, and you lose much of your mobility by the age of 70, that's 30+ years of immobility and pain. By ASSOCIATED PRESS May 10, 2018 (LIESTAL, Switzerland) — A right-to-die group says 104-year-old Australian biologist David Goodall has ended his life in Switzerland. Philipp Nitschke, director of Exit International, said Goodall was declared dead at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. Goodall had traveled to Switzerland to take advantage of the country’s assisted-suicide laws. The British-born scientist, described by Exit International as its first member, said this week that he had been contemplating the idea of suicide for about 20 years, but only started thinking about it for himself after his quality of life deteriorated over the last year. He cited a LACK OF MOBILITY, doctor’s restrictions and an Australian law prohibiting him from taking his own life among his complaints, but HE WAS NOT ILL. Do we accept this as just the way it is, or can we alter the results? We can change the results! Add CHIROPRACTIC Wellness to your priority list!.