What is the best everyday pillow for your neck and shoulder pain? Whether it's pain resulting from years of unfavorable sleep positions or from a recent injury, your body recognizes this as trauma. It's time to treat yourself to rehab. Our Doctor recommends Pillo-Pedic 4 in 1 Cervical Support pillow for everyday improved sleep and sleeping posture. It's the perfect pillow for back and side sleepers as it supports the neck and head to align the spine.  It's chiropractor recommended for everyday use to alleviate migraines, headaches, neck and shoulder tension and pain, tight muscles, arthritis pain, as well as for neck and shoulder injuries, whiplash, and cervical spine disorders. 

During this Covid19 pandemic, your body needs all the help it can get to keep your immune system running properly, and getting sleep is the number one element.

This unique pillow is not only comfortable, but affordable as well at only $60.  The Pillo-pedic is available in several different heights and sizes, from 3.75 inches to 4.5" heights, as well as travel size and larger options.

Contact The Wellness Center of Boise to get your soon-to-be favorite pillow. We have plenty in stock and offer curbside pickup.