Stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer is no doubt a priority for all of us during this time of uncertainty due to the COVID-19, however, when it comes to your health and the body's ability to ward off these types of viruses, getting your body stocked up with the proper vitamins and supplements should also be a top priority.  Since the grocery stores are running out of the essentials, including Vitamin C, D and zinc, buyers are opting to stay out of stores and purchase from sources that offer these items via online ordering and curbside pick-up.  However, it is often difficult to determine which products are reputable and of the high quality that your body truly needs during times like these.  Here is where Solutions4 steps in and saves the day. 

Solutions4 is distributed through a select group of healthcare professionals that cater to a variety of issues like, wellness, nutrition, and immune recovery.  The Solutions4 difference is this: "We package our herbs in special vegetable-based capsules that maximize the digestibility of the final product.  Unlike cheaply made tablets, S4 supplement capsules contain absolutely no binders or fillers, thereby, release their active ingredients within minutes...100% organic, perfectly potent, honestly herbal goodness in every formulation." 

If you are interested in high quality vitamins and supplements, The Wellness Center of Boise is your source.  If you want to find out more about these high-end, high quality vitamins and supplements, please follow this link. or contact The Wellness Center of Boise at 208-376-4940. 

Over the phone ordering and curbside pick-up available.