Despite the looming coronavirus threat, a walk around Boise Idaho reveals that there are plenty of signs of wellness. It's only March, and already the City of Trees is bursting with life. Wellness is all around us and happens to be our specialty at The Wellness Center of Boise. We promote health through gentle, wellness-inducing chiropractic adjustments, intuitive therapeutic massage and high quality Solutions4 nutritional supplements. 


Though COVID-19 is the virus of concern today, chiropractic care is proven effective at keeping the body healthy during any viral outbreak. The body naturally craves wellness and is designed to heal itself, but day to day activities create roadblocks that can impede the body's ability to help itself. To keep the body performing at an optimum rate, the neuro-musculo-skeletal system needs a gentle nudge and a re-alignment here and there.  Chiropractors know that immediately after a chiropractic adjustment and the subsequent removal of subluxations, there is a huge increase in immune-boosting-chemical-messengers called “cytokines” which tell your body to ramp up.  It's important to give your body and immune system the strength it needs to fight off the plethora of bacteria and viruses that try to bombard it on a daily basis.  Chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage encourage the body to detox and prompt its natural defense mechanisms. The combination of these natural healthcare options are must-haves in your healthcare regimen.  

 The Wellness Center of Boise is fully operational and remains committed to providing you with gentle, immune-boosting chiropractic care, therapeutic massage and nutritional supplements. We will continue to closely monitor recommendations and protocols in regard to COVID-19, as well as take precautionary measures with increased hygiene routines, protocols and following clinic procedures outlined by healthcare organizations and leading authorities within the chiropractic profession.

We recommend patients follow guidelines issued by the CDC, and if you are feeling unwell or have been travelling, please take steps to safeguard others and remain at home. We also encourage that your trip to the grocery store include foods of good nutrition and supplements that elevate your body's fighting power. 

Please give us a call if you have an questions or if we can help in any way. Keep calm and keep Boise well!