Do you have chronic migraines? A patient came in today indicating that she suffers from terrible migraines. Her medical provider was able to get some relief from medications, however, the migraines have come back. Often times medication can mask the symptoms, but getting to the root of the issue is the only way to truly fix the problem.

Light force, precise Blair Upper Cervical adjustments from Dr Collin Struble DC CME of The Wellness Center of Boise could be the answer you've been hoping for. This technique has provided relief for so many of our migraine patients. Dr Struble is the only chiropractor in the Boise region who specializes in the true Blair Upper Cervical technique.  In order to perform this unique adjustment, a series of 5 specific X-rays is required to determine the position of the cervical vertebrae in relation to the body.  IT is at that intersection, that impingement of the nerves can cause the migraine.  By carefully moving the vertebrae away from the nerves with this technique, a patient can often feel relief after even the first treatment. Because the muscles and ligaments of the neck are likely inflamed and tight, Dr. Collin also utilizes the services of his massage therapist for trigger point therapy in conjunction with this technique.  If you're fed up with migraines, contact us for an appointment and realize the effects of chiropractic care over medications or pain-killers. Chiropractic care should be your first choice for relief of migraines, and medications and pain-killers should be avoided.