Many of us have a Primary Medical Provider, Physician or Doctor who can consult with us on our general health needs and help with referrals to other specialists; however, to be truly healthy, it is important to have a Primary Spine Care Provider as part of your healthcare team. Primary spine care means that a chiropractor is the first referral option for ailments short of a fracture, tumor or infection. 

Medical doctors first prescribe medications to relieve symptoms, which typically help for a period of time, but do not get to the root of the symptom.  In addition, primary medical doctors often default to physical therapy or physiotherapy for relief of pain symptoms. Research shows that when compared, chiropractors are associated with shorter duration of care for relief of symptoms and pain, and physiotherapists with longer ones.  Physical therapy treatment can be helpful, but often misses the mark. Chiropractic has been and continues to be supported by literature to be superior to physical therapy and medicine as the first treatment option for ailments. This is because the ailment or pain is most likely a result of a nerve impingement, and removing this nerve interference requires careful manipulation of a vertebrae or bone elsewhere in the body.  Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to safely perform these manipulations.  The need and access for chiropractic care are increasing in the primary spine care arena because chiropractors are the solution.  However, primary medical doctors are realizing the benefits of chiropractic, but do not know of any "good ones".  That is a point well taken, because NOT all chiropractors are "good".  It's important to know that the chiropractor that you choose as your primary spine care provider, has exceptional training from a high ranking institution, like Palmer Chiropractic College, is able to diagnose and manage spine related ailments, and perform light-force, precise techniques that are NOT the popping and cracking shotgun approach that his given the profession a questionable reputation.  If your chiropractic adjustment feels more like a wrestling match, then you probably need to find a different chiropractor.  Dr. Collin Struble of The Wellness Center of Boise, is Boise, Idaho's primary spine care provider, a chiropractor with a great reputation, exceptional reviews, and when you walk in, you can see that his clinic is evidenced by professionalism and happy, healing patients.*

*Special thanks and credit to The American Chiropractor February 2019 issue, article Chiropractic Practice Trends and Preparing for 2020 written by Mark Studin and William J Owens.