The wise Hippocrates once said, "When in sickness, look to the spine first."  Even that long ago, they recognized chiropractic care and spinal adjustments to be the preferred treatment for sickness in the body.  Today, with technology, advancements in techniques and further understanding of how the body works, chiropractic care should be your go to, first and foremost.  Our body's were designed to take care of themselves through transmission of healing nerve messages back and forth from the body and its parts to the brain.  If there is the slightest pressure (the weight of a dime) or misalignment in the body, nerve messages are reduced and the body cannot relay it's important messages properly throughout the nervous system.

  If we have an ailment, we often go to our general practice physician, and they will help you treat the symptoms.  That's the problem though.  They are only treating the symptoms and not truly getting to the root of your issue.  Many of our patients come to Dr. Collin Struble DC CME when they feel sickness, colds, flu, ear infections or plugged ears, swollen glands, allergies and the like, because they have been educated that all of the bones of the body can be adjusted back into their proper state and result in healing and wellness.  Not all chiropractors are skilled at these types of adjustments, however, they are extremely effective and the best alternative to medications.  Dr. Collin is a healthcare provider that is skilled and gentle, understands the correlation between the skeletal system, nervous system and our health.  He utilizes low force, precise techniques that are effective for all of your family members, from infants to adults, in helping you feel your best and allow your body to heal its aches and pains.