Just like a Bonsai tree, if children start off crooked, they will grow crooked. Scoliosis and many other health issues that you wouldn’t even relate to their spine, can be prevented early on with gentle chiropractic "adjustments". Did you know that children have already experienced great trauma to the spine from the beginning of life? The birthing process applies trauma to the neck and head of the baby, pushing the spine out of alignment. This causes what’s called SUBLUXATION. Subluxations occur when vertebrae slip out of alignment through trauma to the body, activity or repetitive motion. This interferes with the nervous system and diminishes or even blocks off the messages the brain sends to the body. Most people are surprised to learn when we experience our first subluxation.

The good news is that with a little preventative care, we can eliminate many issues that are likely to reveal themselves as a result of a misaligned spine. Having a chiropractic examination early on is very important. Babies grow at a very quick rate, so the earlier you assess the health of their spine, the better. BIRTH AND BABIES Who knew that the act that brings us into this world actually causes damage to our bodies? The birthing process is difficult on the spine due to the immense force of moving through the birth canal or even with C-section births. Studies have shown that children who are adjusted soon after birth show a decrease in issues with behavioral challenges, food allergies, and immune issues. Is your baby fussy after you’ve done all you can? Many times the root of a baby’s colic symptoms is a nerve impingement. It’s safe for newborns, within the first few weeks after birth, and the benefits are amazing. SLEEPING CHALLENGES AND BEDWETTING When subluxations occur in the neck vertebrae, also known as the cervical vertebrae, they cause a nerve interference that can affect sleep and urination. Lack of sleep causes problems with paying attention in school, cognitive development, and behavioral challenges. Sleep can even lead to other health issues, such as obesity and depression. If your child is suffering from bedwetting, your child’s body is telling you something. BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES Children challenged by ADHD as well as other behavioral, social, or emotional benefit from routine chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can help alleviate these symptoms and help your child succeed in living a healthy life. POOR POSTURE Posture can affect children just as much, if not more, than it can adults. As children grow and their bones develop for adulthood, poor posture can lead the way for health problems later in life. With the use of cell phones, computers, and other devices, the neck is constantly bent or in a state of flexion which can lead to spinal subluxations causing neck pain, nerve interference, and can especially encourage ineffective bone development in children. ILLNESSES AND BODILY FUNCTIONS Does your child have a runny nose? Does he/she get sinus infections? Are they prone to ear infections? Do you suspect they could have hearing loss? Does your child complain headaches or migraines? Does your child often have difficulty breathing? Does your child react to certain foods, smells or environments? These are all common signs of spinal misalignment. You might be surprised to hear that every bone in the body can be adjusted, even the facial bones, ear bones, extremities, ribs, collar bone, etc. Nerve interference can cause incorrect information to reach those parts of the body, including the immune system, which causes a reaction. Interruption to the body’s normal flow and glands keep your child from naturally fighting off the illness. Nerve disruptions can also cause problems with the digestive system, causing problems with constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help reduce illnesses and help your child’s body to function as it was designed to do. SPORTS AND DAY TO DAY INJURIES Does your child run, jump, fall and play? Does he/she engage in sports? Have they been involved in a bicycle accident or auto accident? Impact to the body affects all of the bones in the body and is a major contributor to spinal misalignments and issues caused by them. Whiplash, if not treated initially, can cause problems that can affect a child throughout their life and into adulthood. Well, are you ready to get your child started on the road to good health? You may not have considered chiropractic care as a primary means of keeping your child healthy, but it’s not too late. Chiropractic care through low force, precise adjustments is the natural, safe, surgery free, drug free option that will get to the root of your child’s issues and keep them healthy and happy throughout their lives.