Do we need to know how to stay young the first 100 years? WE DO! We are living longer! Did you know that it's projected that by 2050, 800,000 Americans will be over 100 and many will live to 150 ?! (University of Texas Report on Today Show) Long life has revealed flaws in our healthcare that we didn't realize because not enough people lived long enough to see. The most common cause of functional disability in persons over 50 years of age is spinal disorders! Are you going to live past 50? We hope so! If our spine were our teeth, we would take better care of it, right? Preventative care is the answer.

You can get a new set of teeth, or a new heart, or a new kidney, but there is no such thing as a spine transplant. Come with us on a journey to change the outcome for your health and wellness. This is a class that could change your life and the lives of the one's you love. The Wellness Center of Boise, Specialists in Chiropractic Wellness will be announcing the DATE and TIME of this CLASS SOON!The Wellness Center of Boise provides a special class on How to Stay Young Your First 100 Years! The first part of the class focuses on neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and how to prevent them from having a serious impact on your health. The second part will be a nutrition-focused discussion and a sampling of foods that promote and build a healthy body throughout your lifespan. It’s a FACT…We are living longer lives! This is great news, but living longer is revealing deficits in our health! We are living to see the results of aging throughout our bodies, ie: Alzheimer’s, wrinkles, tooth decay, disease, and skeletal disorders. 1. For the 1st part of our class, we talk about neuro-musculoskeletal disorders that can begin as early as birth. 2. The 2nd part of the class is a nutrition-focused discussion and sampling of foods that promote and build a healthy body throughout the lifespan.  This class makes a great lunch and learn for employees, wellness groups and events.  Give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a class for you.