Do you get migraine headaches, ringing in your ears, brain fog? Do you know that only specific adjustments can truly get to the root of those issues. Dr. Collin Struble DC specializes in the Blair Upper Cervical Technique to precisely reach the C1, or top vertebrae. Nerve flow travelling to and from your brain relies on the perfect alignment and angle of this important vertebrae.

If your adjustments aren't hitting the mark and migraines are still an issue, Dr. Collin can help. The C1 or Atlas vertebrae is responsible for all anatomical structures within the head; brain, cranial nerves, eyes, ears, nose, throat, sinuses, etc. It can therefore be the source for many ailments like feeling spacey, dizzy, low energy, memory trouble, brain fog, ADD, ADHD, ear aches, tinnitus, nose bleeds, sinus problems, snoring, sleep disorders, sore throats, colds, influenzas, itchy and achy eyes, allergies, food sensitivities, and the list goes on. See patient reviews on our website or fb, and find out how others greatly benefit from this precise chiropractic technique!