At least 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping, so The Wellness Center of Boise feels it's important to sleep on a pillow that supports and maintains the natural curve of your neck. There are lots of pillows to chose from, however, we highly recommend the "Proper Pillow", which is designed specifically to promote alignment of the back, neck and spine while you sleep ! Sleeping without the proper support can cause misalignment in your body, that in turn causes problems you may not associate with sleeping.

The normal cervical (neck) curve called the cervical lordosis should remain within a standard range that falls within 20-40 degrees. The Proper Pillow has two different sized bolsters that are designed to support the neck to maintain it's proper curve. We all know the importance of proper posture. Why not maintain proper posture while you sleep? The neck has a natural curve to distribute the weight of your head. The primary function of the cervical spine is to support and stabilize the head and help maintain balance in your body. We carry the Proper Pillow in our clinic, so come on down and try one out.