Do you find yourself sitting like this? At The Wellness Center of Boise, Dr. Collin Struble, Chiropractor and CME, can provide a Health Risk Assessment! He can make recommendations for spine-healthy habits at work and at home. When the spine and neck are bent for long periods of time, this can affect your health in ways you may not think are related. Employees feel more fatigued, uncomfortable and have pain that carries into their non-working life.

Wellness and Ergonomics in the workplace are becoming more important as we realize the ramifications of bad posture and improper workstation set-ups. Designers of the work environment are focusing more on adjustable work stations allowing employees to opt to sit or stand to work on their computer and paperwork. Lighting has become more important than ever and manufacturers are creating fixtures and lamps that mimic circadian rhythm to allow the body to work with the normal patterns of daylight. Dr. Collin is a specialist at preventing dis-ease in the spine and body. Come see us to get on track for a healthier life. More on our website at