Chiropractors aren't just interested in the spine - they're trained to view the body as a whole structure - with every joint, muscle, tendon, and bone working in unison to keep your body on the move. The feet are the foundation of your body, so ensuring they stay healthy and problem-free benefits your entire body. Dr.Collin recommends a FOOT SCAN as his protocol to help detect otherwise "silent" problems in your foundation, which may be causing problems elsewhere in the body. To determine the health of your feet and body, Dr. Collin will examine the wear patterns in your shoes, watch you walk, perform manual exam and capture a digital scan or image of your feet. "BUT DOCTOR - MY FEET DON'T HURT!" Your feet may feel just fine, but they may be causing trouble elsewhere in your body.

Foot imbalance or dysfunction can have ripple effects, transferring problems to other parts of your body. If your FEET DO HURT, that's your body sending out a "Noisy" distress signal. That is why Dr. Collin also specializes in EXTREMITY ADJUSTMENTS, something not all chiropractors are able to do. Dr. Collin acquired special training for the adjustment of feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Let Dr. Collin show you how adjustments can remedy the problem! One testimonial is from a patient that came to his clinic from many miles away complaining of chronic foot pain that she had suffered from an auto accident 3 years ago. After a series of adjustments, this patient couldn't believe how her feet felt! She was PAIN FREE for the first time in 3 years! Another of Dr. Collin's patient's broke his ankle and had to have surgery to repair it. For 6 years, his doctor called it POST SURGICAL ARTHRITIS, in other words, they didn't have a solution. This patient came in to Dr. Collin for some other joint pain he was having and after his consultation, Dr. Collin recommended he allow him to adjust his foot and ankle. Remarkably, again, through the administration of specialized adjustments, the foot and ankle pain had disappeared! Don't suffer from foot, ankle or any pain for that matter. Let Dr. Collin help your whole body function better with specialized CHIROPRACTIC EXTREMITY ADJUSTMENTS!