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Your health matters, let us help you with expert information about improving your quality of life. Read More

The Wellness Center

Providing exceptional chiropractic care to Boise residents.

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The Wellness Center

For over 20 years, we have provided expert care to our patients.

Your health matters, let us help you with expert information about improving your quality of life. Read More


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Introducing Dr. Collin Struble DC CME

Dr. Collin Struble DC CME - Chiropractor Boise Idaho
Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We want to answer two basic questions; what is wrong and can chiropractic care help you? We appreciate your interest in learning more about us and what we can do for you. We hope to answer all of your questions below.

At The Wellness Center of Boise, we look at health from a different perspective. With many years of professional experience, we understand wellness as the bodies overall ability to function at its optimum level.  Our bodies were designed to function and heal perfectly on their own.  We can be very hard on our bodies in our day to day lives.  In recognition of this we like to help educate our community and patients about how they can practice healthy habits for a long, pain free, active lifestyle. Good habits include recognizing that our bodies need a little help to keep in our best shape.  At The Wellness Center of Boise, we offer many services to aid in your pursuit of perfect health and happiness.  We are proudly licensed and efficient in low force methods of chiropractic care, massage therapy, orthotics, neuropathy and weight loss programs. We love helping our community achieve and keep in good health and we would love to help you accomplish the same. If you have any questions about chiropractic or other services we offer, please feel free to contact us directly or stop by and visit our building conveniently located at the corner of Maple Grove and Fairview in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Chiropractic care is the worlds largest drug free health service. Our bodies endure biomechanical problems as we age and we set out to fix and improve the overall health of our clients.

Our services utilize only non surgical and drug free methods to treat your ailment. Our core focus is to bring your body and health back into balance. Professional "adjustments" by a highly skilled practitioner can help to remedy pain and can help improve your health in ways you never thought related to spinal care. Dr. Collin wants you to experience the quality care and results you deserve.

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Back Pain?

The Wellness Center offers customized chiropractic care for back pain sufferers. Schedule a consultation with our office.

Neck Pain?

Read our "Patient Reviews" page to read what our patients have had to say about their experience with The Wellness Center.

Sport Physicals

The Wellness Center offers sports physicals for just $35 - Same Day Appointments Available!



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